Microsystems Acupuncture

Microsystems Acupuncture is both an alternative, and complementary to traditional acupuncture. One style on its own may be used or several styles in conjunction. It comprises the following:


picture of man receiving microsystems acupuncture to his earAuricular acupuncture uses either needles, studs, seeds or metal balls on specific points which functionally and topographically represent the whole body.

Wrist and Ankle Acupuncture

This specialised wrist and ankle microsystems acupuncture is primarily used for pain control. It a system that can be used on a daily basis in a clinic that specialises in musculo-skeletal conditions. Maria Mercati first came across this style in 1993 in Shanghai and has used it to achieve magical results with frozen shoulders, back pain, neck pain, wrist and foot pain, achilles etc. It uses only six points on the extremities and produces amazing, fast, almost instant results. Until recently it has been a well kept secret.

Back Shu, Jia Ji and Spinal Acupuncture

This form of acupuncture has acupoints on either side of the spine each of which represents one of the internal organs and the nerves that relate to it.

Scalp Acupuncture

Scalp acupuncture affects the motor, sensory and associative areas of the cerebral cortex.

Master Tung's Acupuncture

Master Tung’s acupuncture system where needles are inserted into specific areas which correspond to specific and quite different parts of the body.