How to register any concern or make a complaint about an AcuC member

A member of the public can contact the ACuC and make a complaint about one of its members if it relates to professional misconduct or a member’s fitness to practise.

All members of AcuC are required to observe its Code of Ethics and Professional Practice, rules and regulations.

AcuC accepts no liability for any costs to the complainant or to the practitioner in any circumstances whatsoever. AcuC will not be responsible for arranging refunds or compensation or legal advice and will not get involved in legal disputes

How do you make a complaint?

Any complaint about the professional conduct of any practitioner on the AcuC register, must be made in writing to Acupuncture-Acutherapy Council.
It must include the name, address and contact details of the complainant, the name of the practitioner involved and the date, time and location of the incident. The information must be detailed enough to understand the exact nature of the complaint.

How long will it take?

AcuC undertakes to consider a case in as timely a manner as possible, confirm receipt of the complaint, provide updates as necessary during any investigation. Delays may occur due to difficulties in obtaining information from individuals and organising hearings.


On receipt of a complaint, AcuC will inform the member concerned of its intention to investigate a complaint made against them. All information shared between these parties involved, must be treated strictly private and confidential.
In serious cases AcuC may suspend the practitioner from membership of AcuC pending the outcome of its investigations. Any serious breach of the AcuC codes of professional ethics, rules and regulations will result in their removal from the register.

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