Promoting Quality Training in Acupuncture and Acutherapy Oriental Massage



AAAB accredits courses to ensure quality training with safe practice and professional conduct.

The Accreditation Process

Colleges that wish their course to be accredited by AAAB will need to undergo a four part process.

  • 1. Submission of appropriate documentary evidence, demonstrating that the course complies with all aspects of the AAAB standards for accreditation. These include; the length of the course, number of hours of class contact time, number of required case studies, the course syllabus, the qualification and experience of the course lead tutors.
  • 2. Review and approval of the documentation by board members
  • 3. A visit to the training facility by board members and acupuncture practitioners. The visit will include an interview with the course lead tutor(s), observation of teaching and clinical supervision and discussion with current students.
  • 4. The report by the visiting team will then be examined by a full meeting of the board and considered along with the submitted documentation and the course will be considered for approval.

New and developing courses will be offered developing course status while the first cohort of students complete the course.

Accreditation standards will be maintained by regular college visits and the submission of a random selection of examination scripts after each examination period.