Professional Body for
Qualified Acupuncturists and Acutherapy
Oriental Massage Practitioners


The Acupuncture-Acutherapy Accreditation Board (AAAB)

Objectives & Purpose

The Acupuncture Acutherapy Accreditation Board - AAAB consists of voluntary professionals who provide their expertise to guide and oversee the accreditation process. The Board is responsible for the accreditation of Diploma and Degree Level Acupuncture courses and Oriental massage programmes which lead to professional qualifications.

The objective is to provide a rigorous process to the accreditation of independent courses that will allow the public to have confidence in the standards of training.

Acupuncture training is provided by independent colleges. The Acupuncture Acutherapy Accreditation Board recognises that the best training ensures practitioners are competent and safe in their practice. This will mean that practitioners need to have good theoretical knowledge but also to have the opportunity to hone practical skills under the supervision of experienced trainers.

The Acupuncture Acutherapy Accreditation Board was formed to ensure high standards are maintained in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) training. The board recognises that whilst a thorough academic knowledge of the subject is essential of equal importance is the ability to apply that knowledge in practice that is safe and effective. In order to ensure practice is safe and effective it is essential that acupuncture and TCM skills are taught by experienced and highly competent practitioners and that the courses are measured against a set of standards that ensure quality of training is maintained.

All accredited members undertake to operate to the very highest of professional standards and agree to the Boards Code of Ethical Standards, including the Code of Ethics, Code of Safe Practice, Insurance requirements and Local Authority registration requirements. Accredited members will also ensure that their practice is kept up to date by maintaining a record of CPD.