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Baby Tui Na Massage known as Paediatric Tuina

What is Paediatric Tui Na?

picture of Maria Mercati performing baby tui na massage on a baby Baby Tui Na Massage or Paediatric Tuina is a branch of traditional Chinese Medicine and was developed from Tui Na for adults over a thousand years ago.

It has been extensively practised in China for at least 700 years and experience has revealed unique ways and means of using Baby Tui Na Massage to affect the energy flow in the bodies of young children.

Babies have meridian systems that are not fully developed, yet every aspect of a baby's growth and development depends on Qi flow and its correct balance.

Tui Na Chinese Massage for Infants uses a whole system of points and pathways that often do not correspond with any of the adult ones. Tui Na Chinese Massage for babies is powerful medicine and when performed correctly, its effects are profound.

It is during the first five years of a child's life that the most important physical, neurological and behavioural developments take place. This is the time when disturbances to the flow and diffusion of vital Qi and its balance between the organs can have the most seriously harmful and lasting effects. These include retarded brain development, weakened immune response and slow development of the musculo-skeletal system.

What are the benefits of Baby Tui Na or Paediatric Tui Na?

picture of Maria Mercati with a young patient awaiting paedriatric tui na massage
  • Baby Tui Na Massage maintains the vital Qi (energy) patterns that are essential for healthy development. The result, is a very healthy, strong, bright, happy child.
  • Good brain development ensures not only high intelligence but effective functioning of all the more vegetative processes as well. The impact that Tui Na has on the intellectual development of a child raised in a stimulating environment & with a close parental-child relationship can seem like a miracle.
  • A strong immune system means not only good resistance to childhood ailments but also a greatly reduced tendency to react to the ever increasing amounts of substances in our environment that can cause allergies such as asthma and eczema.
  • Strong well developed neuromuscular and skeletal systems ensure good motor co-ordination which enhances the development of the physical skills such as writing, drawing and sports.
  • Baby Tui Na Massage is completely holistic in its action and treats the whole body. Most mothers want to give their children the best start in life. This means doing all that is possible to allow each child to develop to the full potential determined by it genes.
  • Baby Tui Na Chinese massage achieves its results by balancing Qi (energy) and promoting its free flow.

Can Baby Tui Na Chinese Massage be used for treating illness?

picture of a young baby receiving paedriatric tuina massage from Maria Mercati All illnesses are the result of disturbance to the normal flow of Qi. Tui Na can restore this flow to treat the most common health problems of young children:

  • teething
  • colic
  • restlessness
  • bedwetting
  • colds
  • convulsions etc.

What is the difference between Baby Tui Na Chinese Massage and oil based Western Baby Massage?

  • Oil based Massages can be very relaxing and soothing and help to reinforce the bond between parent and child. Tui Na does the same and much more and can be done through clothing.
  • Baby Tui Na Massage is unique. It is the only hands-on system that has been developed specifically for the total healthcare of infants from birth to six years.
  • Baby Tui Na Massage is completely different from Western baby massage.
  • Other forms of Massage currently used for babies and young children are based only on slight adaptations of the methods used for adults and are generally not remedial in content.
  • Baby Tui Na Massage is based on sophisticated theory that has been systematically documented over a period of one thousand years during which all the techniques in use today have been tested a million times.
  • Baby Tui Na Massage enables you to balance the intrinsic energies of your child's body and mind.